Nutritional Coaching: For many people, knowing which foods to eat and how to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet can be overwhelming. There are constantly new diets and new studies telling us what we should eat and what foods we should avoid and oftentimes the information is contradictory. Our approach to nutrition is simple, easy-to-maintain, and does not focus on crash diets or excluding entire food groups. Nutritional coaching will allow anyone to have a better understanding of the importance of eating food in its natural form, and will promote a healthier, and perhaps even a longer, life.  

Personal Fitness Training: Taking care of our physical health should be a priority for everyone. Study after study shows the benefits of exercise, which includes reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even certain types of cancers. A personal fitness trainer will be a great ally when it comes to improving your physical health. Whether you or a seasoned athlete or completely new to the fitness world, young or older, tapping into the experience and knowledge that a personal trainer offers will help you meet your fitness goals and help you stay on a path toward greater overall physical health and wellness.

Pre Marriage Coaching: Premarital coaching is a 6 week course that concentrates on preparing an engaged couple for the next step in their relationship. These pre marriage counseling sessions will equip engaged couples with the tools needed to effectively tackle problems that may arise within their relationship.

Marriage Coaching: Although challenging at times, marriages do not have to be difficult. Marriage or couples counseling can help you rediscover the love that initially brought you both together. Partners will learn how to develop their relationship emotionally, spiritually and physically, rebuild trust, and (re)establish effective communication. As individuals, we desire connection, love, fulfillment and joy in our relationships. Marriage or couples counseling will guide couples on how to recognize and express their feelings toward each other and strengthen the bond that has been severed.

Anger Management: It is vital for an individual to seek help and guidance on how to effectively manage and control anger. Uncontrolled anger can damage and destroy relationships and lives. Our Anger Management workshops provide help to individuals to assist them in understanding, identifying, addressing, and working through the triggers that provoke explosive episodes. Topics covered in the workshop include how to handle difficult people and situations, minimize reactivity and maximize effective response, deal with conflicts better, and manage anger by using effective techniques. This is a 12-week anger management therapy program and is both state and court approved.

Teen Angermanagement: Dealing with an angry teenager is not easy. Anger is a normal and sometimes a necessary emotion. It is when it interferes with school, family, and social life that it becomes a problem. Teens in today’s world have people watching them closer and more in-depth then ever, they have such pressure to fit in and do things right the first time. It is impossible not to get frustrated and angry, even become anxious and depressed at times.

It is important to keep in mind as well, that the psychological and emotional turmoil of the teen years is fueled by puberty (hormones) that create intense roller coaster emotions and cause teenagers to have an extremely short fuse.

Today we see so many angry teens and this is why we have to come up with strategies to help us help them. Most of us have heard of Anger Management classes, well now there are Anger Management Classes for Teenagers. This is to teach them tools that they can use to defuse the anger and deal with it in a healthy manner.

This is where we can offer them tools in life to help develop a healthy balance. So when things become intense they know how to handle it in a healthy balanced manner.

Life Coaching: A life coach is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment.  Life Coaches aid their clients in improving thier relationship careers and day to day lives.  Life Coaches can help you clarify your goals, indentify the obstacles holding you back and come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle.  Life Coaches target your unique skills and gifts by  by helping you make the most of your strengths

Pastoral Counseling: Pastoral Counseling is spiritual guidance based upon the Word of God.  The words of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ provide a frame work for our lives and basis for good decision making. Spiritual health is the key to being healthy emitionally and physically.  Pastoral counseling will help you to know that you are saved and know that you are in the will and purpose of the Lord Jesus for your life.

Financial Coaching:   Making bad financial decisions can place unnecessary stress upon our lives even tear a marriage apart. The Bible tells us so much about how to handle our finances which leads to peace and prosperity. Learn truth about how money works and learn to change the way you think about money. Eliminate the stress and worry of debt from your life. Learn ways to save and build wealth and to glorify the Lord with your finances